Australian myths about installing solar power

Australian’s installing solar power panels have reached record levels in recent years. Millions of homes now have solar panels, inverters and even battery storage systems that are reducing their energy bills. Newer systems are delivering the highest efficiency levels that we have ever seen in the industry.

It is being driven by the unprecedented consequences of global warming and climate change together with the constant increases in the supply of electricity from the grid. Getting a solar power system has never been more affordable and accessible either.

Although like any new technology, innovation or trend there are always the detractors who begin sharing myths that are born from misunderstanding or not doing the proper research. Here are some of them that our team have come across when providing quotes for solar panels in Newcastle and surrounding regional areas.

1. Solar Power is Too Expensive

While solar power in Newcastle was initially very expensive, it has become more affordable and accessible to the average consumer in recent years. In fact, solar panels have actually reduced in price by more than 50% from what they originally were.

Solar energy may also receive benefits via tax credits, rebates or other incentives that can help reduce installation costs, even more so for homeowners interested in switching their homes or businesses to solar power.

Yes there is an upfront cost to install the hardware compared to literally turning the switch on your meter box to get grid power, but that investment is quickly recovered through reduced electricity bills & may also even add value to your home if you were to sell it.

2. Solar Power Requires Clear and Cloudless Skies

Another solar power myth is that solar panels can only create energy in sunny climates. While solar panels do work best when there are no clouds or other atmospheric conditions to inhibit their performance, they still generate electricity even on a cloudy day.

Even if there are cold temperatures this can actually increase the performance of photovoltaic cells, as excessive heat in the atmosphere can interfere with the efficiency of a solar panels system.

So for cloudy days there is still light available, just not as much as a clear day. Depending on the quality & sensitivity of your panels you can still be creating enough energy to power your needs. There are also relatively new battery storage systems that can be used in homes to store power either during long periods of heavy rain or blackouts.

3. Solar Power Requires A Lot of Maintenance

Solar power is often thought of as a meticulously high-maintenance energy source, but the truth is solar panels actually require very little maintenance. One of the things Solahart Newcastle recommends is that your panels get a good clean at least once a quarter which can be done by our team. This makes sure the arrays don’t have dirt, debris or other materials reducing the panel’s ability to absorb light.

For most situations to clean solar panels, all you need to do is rinse them off with clean water and let them dry in the sun for about half an hour before putting them back into use. This is generally enough to make sure there isn’t a build up of dirt and debris.

As solar panels are usually intended to be placed on top of roofs for extended periods of time, they are meant to withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes solar panels very durable and long-lasting, but it is still important to make sure their surfaces are clean, just like the windscreen in your car or your reading glasses, so they can perform at their best.

4. Solar Power is Inefficient

It is true that solar panels are unable to convert a substantial amount of the sun’s radiation into usable energy, but take into consideration the fact that the light that the sun emits is excessive. Everything is relative. Solar power is still cost-effective especially considering the technological advancements in recent years that have improved their efficiencies.

The other thing to consider is the alternatives, a solar panel is relatively more durable and long-lasting than other types of renewable technologies like wind turbines. Plus they are more practical too, imagine the average backyard filled with propellors.

5. Solar Panels are bad for your roof

We often get asked whether a solar panel will damage a roof and change the structural integrity of your property. Firstly panels are actually not that heavy so there isn’t a huge weight being added to your property. Secondly they are not installed directly on your roof but rather mounted on top of it with the appropriate supports.

So this means panels can be added to shingle or traditional tile roofing and can also serve as an additional barrier for your roof that protects it from external elements. They make good use of what is essentially wasted space.

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If you are reading this article then you are obviously researching the idea of switching to solar energy. It’s a really simple decision that is good for the environment, improves your own sustainability & in the long run saves you money.

It is a technology that has progressed at rapid pace over the years and despite the myths solar power is proving to be a cost-effective and clean alternative to other types of traditional non-renewable energy sources that can be bought in Newcastle.

If you have an older system we can replace it with a new one or if you need a complete solution our team can advise what is best as well as provide installation, then regular maintenance.

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