Solar Case Study

Electricity bill saving: Saving over 40% off electricity bills. Was paying around $420 per quarter now $220.
Property type: Residential four bedroom single storey home
Installation type: Brand new solar power set up
Solar power output: 7.2kW
Installation cost: approximately $9,500
Install time frame: 8 hours

Solar Power System installed at Elermore Vale NSW

Get a new solar power system installed in Elermore Vale

Joseph was sick of paying for the high costs of electricity bills and wanted to get solar panels for his home in Elermore Vale to save some money that was being taken out of his pension. He had already heard about the stories from friends at the Mens Shed in Newcastle with many of them installing solar panels in their homes around Newcastle and their bills were only about $12 -$20 a month.

This helped Joseph make up his mind to get solar power for his home in Elermore Vale so he organised to have a free onsite consultation from Solahart Newcastle to work out what panels, inverter or other products could be installed on the home.

The home was about thirty nine years old, it already had air conditioning, a typical roof pitch of about 22.5 degrees with three people living in it regularly. Their average electricity usage was 9125 kWh/year with very intensive usage during summer periods.

Joseph decided to ask Solahart Newcastle to visit their home for a free onsite assessment to figure out what they needed in terms of solar panel capacity, inverter set up & what other upgrade options were available later on for their system. Solahart Newcastle provides this service for free to anyone in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and Hunter area.

What we recommended to install was a Solahart Silhouette 7.2kW PV System that included:

  • 1 x Inverter SolarEdge 6000W Genesis
  • 18 x Solahart Silhouette 400W (Black Frame)
  • 18 x Optimizer SolarEdge 440W

This 7.2kW system was quoted and installed for the customer based on the following observations our technicians made:

1. We looked at the previous electricity bills to see kW usage and spending. This is the most accurate way to see how much energy is actually required for the property.

2. We asked a number of other questions to customise the quotation which included:

      • Is anyone at home during the day?
      • Number of household occupants?
      • Electricity usage pattern – moderate or high day-time user?
      • Seasonal usage pattern – more in summer or winter or equal?
      • Average electricity usage (kWh/Year)
      • Current bill estimate (1 year)

The installation was relatively straightforward as it was a single storey home with four bedrooms and a roof with a sub 25 degree pitch.

What can be added to this solar power system?

Once you consider a solar power system for your home you can also think of adding other residential solar products to create a more comprehensive energy solution for the operation of the home.

For this home any of our Solahart hot water systems e.g . PowerStore, 302L Split System could be added. Multiple solar storage batteries could also be added to store electricity for night time use or cloudy days like a SolarEdge or Tesla battery and even if the usage patterns outgrow the current system additional panels can be added later.

Is replacing your solar power system easy to do?

For this home there wasn’t an existing solar power system. Although, Solahart Newcastle can replace your old solar power system very easily if you had one. We can provide a free on-site assessment to help you learn about what will be required, the costs & how it can be done for you. We can then remove all the old solar power components and replace them with brand new items.

Solar Power System installed at Elermore Vale NSW by Solahart

The review about our solar panel installation in Elermore Vale?

“I of course got 3 different quotes and decided to go with the SOLAHART guys. What can I say? I would like to adopt their boss man, talk about a well-oiled machine, that crew was at my place at 7am and worked in the February heat till 3:30 pm, well, I just had to have a beer with them.

Am I pleased? you bet, I’m over the Moon!!

Should have done it before I retired. I’m not sure what’s coming in the next few years, but I’ll have power as long as the sun shines”

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