GoodWe Lynx Solar Battery Storage

Save more money with a home battery

Harness the full potential of your solar power system with a smart home battery storage system from Solahart.

The new GoodWe Lynx Home Battery can be installed with a new solar power system as a totally integrated solar energy package.

Alternatively, the GoodWe Lynx Home Battery can be added to your existing setup to store energy in the batteries for use later.

Get pricing options & a quote to install a solar battery storage system in your home.

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GoodWe Lynx home solar battery installed outside house with family nearby

Smart New Battery Storage

The GoodWe Lynx Home U Series battery is designed with superior performance, flexibility and safety in mind.

This world class lithium-ion battery storage system can recharge using electricity generated from your solar panels or the grid when utility rates are low. It then sends power to your home in the evening, when the sun is not shining, or when utility rates are higher.

This type of solar battery storage also serves as a backup in the event of a blackout.

Pair solar panels with battery storage

Adding battery storage to a new or existing solar power set up makes a lot of sense.

The battery storage system can be used as a backup source but they can potentially also save you money on your electric bill because you’ll be drawing power from your battery instead of the grid.

Solar battery storage system installation

Solahart Newcastle are able to provide advice on the right products to buy to create your solar battery storage system. Our team can then supply all the products and provide installation for your home or business.

We have licensed solar battery installers who have all the experience needed to do installations safely for practically any property type.

Features & Benefits of the GoodWe Lynx Home Battery

Reduce your power bills

Store solar energy in a battery storage system for self-consumption and reduce your energy bills.

Modular Design

The scalable battery module design of the Lynx home battery allows you to choose the most appropriate system for your household and then expand your storage capacity as your needs change.

10 Year Solahart Warranty

Enjoy a 10-year product warranty and a 10-year performance warranty for extra peace of mind.

Safety and Reliability

Extensive life-testing of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery hemistry ensures reliability, energy retention and superior safety levels.

Solahart Solar Storage Packages

Australian households and businesses are increasingly embracing solar technology, with more than 3 million homes fitted with rooftop solar panels.

However, many homeowners are not harnessing the full potential of their solar power systems.

A large proportion of energy is generated when it’s not needed in the middle of the day. In this case, the excess energy is sent back to the grid for minimal financial return.

Connecting a home battery and a Solahart PowerStore® solar-smart electric water heater to your solar power system allows you to store your unused energy so you can use it when you need it (at night, on low-sunlight days, when utility rates are more expensive, or during blackouts).

Adding a Solahart Energy Management Unit helps you more actively manage how you consume energy throughout your home.

GoodWe Lynx home solar battery installed outside house with family playing nearby and solar panels on roof

Package One:

Solahart Total Solar Energy Package

Solahart can offer you a total integrated energy solution including world-leading solar panels and inverters, alongside a full range of home energy storage and management products.

Package Two:

Solahart Retro-Fit Solar Energy Package

If you already have solar power installed, Solahart can retro-fit your existing system to add battery storage, a Solahart PowerStore® and an Energy Management Unit to maximise your solar investment.

solahart smart solar package energy flow graphic

Questions about the GoodWe Lynx Home Battery

Home batteries like the GoodWe Lynx Home U Series Battery allow you to maximise the use of your solar power and minimise your energy bills by storing excess electricity produced during the day for use at other times.

Examples of times when you benefit from a home battery are:

  • at night
  • on low sunlight days
  • during blackouts
  • at times when electricity rates are more expensive

We’ll calculate the savings specific to your energy needs as part of our free in-home solar assessment.

The GoodWe Lynx Home Battery is a scalable solution, meaning it can be sized to suit all family sizes.

The Lynx Home Battery can be installed with one module, or up to 6 battery modules.

When configured with one battery module, the Lynx Home Battery has a useable energy output of 4.8kWh. 

When installed with 6 battery modules, the output is up to 28.8kWh.

We can provide an estimate specific to your requirements as part of our free in-home assessment.

Each battery module of the GoodWe Lynx Home Battery has a DC rated energy of 5.4kWh and DC usable energy of 4.8kWh. 

1 module = 5.4kWh DC rated energy and 4.8kWh DC usable energy

2 modules = 10.8kWh DC rated energy and 9.6kWh DC usable energy

3 modules = 16.2kWh DC rated energy and 14.4kWh DC usable energy

4 modules = 21.6kWh DC rated energy and 19.2kWh DC usable energy

5 modules = 27kWh DC rated energy and 24kWh DC usable energy

6 modules = 32.4kWh DC rated energy and 28.8kWh DC usable energy

The GoodWe Lynx Home U Series Battery is neatly packaged to be compact and space efficient.

The dimensions of each Lynx Home Battery module are 570 mm high, 505 mm wide and 175 mm deep.

The GoodWe Lynx Home Battery is covered by a 10-year warranty, from Solahart, for peace of mind.

The Solahart Warranty includes a 10-year product warranty and a 10-year performance warranty.

We’ll explain these further during the free in-home assessment.

One of our solar experts will assess the suitability of the GoodWe Lynx Home Battery for your household and property. 

If you are getting a new solar power system, we’ll design the system to work with the GoodWe battery. 

If you’ve already got a solar power system installed at your house, we’ll assess it to ensure the Lynx Home Battery can be fitted as the first step. 

Yes, the Lynx Home Battery can be installed outside. 

It has a protection rating of IP65. It can operate safely both indoors and outdoors.

The battery can be wall-mounted or ground-mounted allowing increased flexibility when selecting a location.

We’ll assess the most suitable location for installation in consultation with you as part of the free in-home solar assessment.

Yes, the GoodWe Home Battery can be installed to power your home during a blackout.

The GoodWe Lynx Home Battery is recharged using electricity generated by your solar panels or using energy from the grid when utility rates are low.

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