GoodWe ES G2 inverter

The GoodWe ES G2 inverter is a single-phase hybrid inverter designed to increase self-consumption of generated solar energy, with the ability to control the flow of energy intelligently

The benefits and features offered:


  • Lightweight and Efficient: Its smart design also supports parallel connection for a dependable backup power supply. Installation is also easier and quicker thanks to a compact, lightweight design, with plug and play connection.


  • Flexibility and Convenience: The ES G2 is the ideal inverter for homeowners looking to achieve a high degree of energy autonomy. The inverter has the functionality of providing backup modes with quick switching time in less than 10ms.


  • Compatibility: The ES G2 is the ideal inverter for homeowners looking to achieve a high degree of energy autonomy, reliable power supply, and lower energy bills.
GoodWe ES G2 inverter

Features & Benefits of the GoodWe ES G2 Inverter

Elegant & THoughtful Design

ES G2 Series allows for quick-connect Plug & Play which makes it particularly efficient and easy to install. Its elegant and compact design makes it a perfect house fit-in choice for private homes.

Flexible & Adaptable Applications

With high modular compatibility you can generate more power and reduce the amount of electricity purchased from the grid to adapt to your needs.


Enjoy a 10-year product warranty and a 10-year performance warranty for extra peace of mind.

Superb Safety & Reliability

The inverter has the functionality of providing backup modes with quick switching time in less than 10ms, that can cover heavy loads such as air conditioning.

Expert solar panel system installation

The Solahart Newcastle team have been operating for 40+ years and helping property owners to expertly install solar hot water systems and solar panels. We can handle everything from the initial assessment, product combination selection and installation which can include the ability to expand your set up later.

We can also provide guidance on the latest solar rebates available from the Government & other ways you can save money on your energy bills.

Battery-ready solar power system

Solahart Solar Power Systems featuring the GoodWe ES G2 inverter can be upgraded to include battery storage to increase the amount of power you can use from the sun.

Learn more about battery storage systems on our website or get in touch today. We can assess which battery is best suited to your property during a free on-site solar assessment.

Questions about SolarEdge Home Genesis Inverters

The warranty coverage for the SolarEdge Home Genesis Inverter is 12 years. 

Every Solahart system is backed by a trusted Solahart Australia Warranty that offers the advantage of local on-the-ground support to deliver true peace of mind.*

For full warranty details refer to the Solahart Owner’s Guide or get in touch with us.

We provide pricing, including installation pricing, as part of our free in-home solar assessment service. This ensures we are providing you accurate pricing on a system which is tailored to your energy needs and property.

To book a free in-home solar assessment, please click here.

Yes, we often install new solar power systems and a new solar hot water system

This is an excellent way to maximise savings through solar energy. 

In assessing the effectiveness and suitability of solar products, we will consider your energy needs and current usage, along with your roof size and orientation. We will do this as part of our FREE on-site solar assessment.

We’ll assess your roof size and suitability for solar panels as part of our FREE on-site solar assessment.

We’ll review the size and orientation of the roof. We’ll also assess the roof for potential shading issues and optimum panel locations.

Yes, you can install a Solahart Solar Power Systems featuring  a SolarEdge Home Genesis Inverter that also includes a solar battery to maximise your use of solar energy.

Our solar battery storage system range includes solar batteries from leading battery manufacturers such as Tesla and SolarEdge.

Yes you can add a battery to an existing system in most cases.  

We’ll need to assess the exact specification of your existing solar power system and inverter and go from there. 

For more information and to arrange assessment, book a free on-site solar assessment.

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