Solahart SunCell Solar Panels

A shield with Solahart 25 year Australian Warranty.

Australia’s Leading High Performance Value For Money Solar Panel

The Solahart Suncell solar panels have innovative half-cell technology that delivers excellent power efficiency to maximise energy production per square metre. 

The Solahart SunCell range is extremely durable and has passed endurance testing for up to three times more cycles than the international standard to ensure it is an ideal solution in Australia’s harsh conditions, that is why we provide a 25 year warranty on each panel. 

The new high-performance Solahart SunCell panel is not only great value but is has been custom designed and built to Solahart’s strict Australian specifications.

Every Solahart solar power system uses world-leading inverters and high-efficiency solar panels, consistent with Solahart’s quality and performance requirements that are aimed at withstanding harsh Australian conditions of wind and sun.

Before a component is introduced to our range, it must meet strict quality standards.

The SunCell panels have been proven to be resistant to Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and Light Induced Degradation (LID) using state-of-the-art cell technology for excellent performance under real conditions with anodised frames built to withstand outdoor conditions.

SunCell solar panels have reliable silicone connections to ensure excellent stability and durability. The genuine Stäubli MC4 EVO2 connectors create a reliable connection and a sealed junction box to provide corrosion protection and water resistance.

Leading Solar Power Package Installers in Newcastle

Solahart is the leading solar installer in Newcastle that also services Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and the Hunter. With more than 15 years installing solar panels or hot water systems our team are extremely experienced when it comes to creating efficient energy solutions with the best solar deals and packages available in NSW.

The Solahart team can give you advice and suggestions about what solar panel and inverter combinations will best suit the requirements of your property & your energy consumption needs. We create solar installation packages that can be expanded or changed as your requirements change.

Solahart Newcastle can do solar power installation for 2 or 3 bedroom homes as well as warehouses, small factories and office buildings.

SunCell 400 watt solar panels from Solahart

Features & Benefits of our Solahart SunCell Solar Panels

Value For Money

The SunCell solar panel is a cost-effective panel solution for a high return on your investment thanks to it's efficient, durable design.

High Solar Yield

Innovative half-cell technology with excellent power efficiency is incorporated into the SunCell solar panels that results in more energy production per square metre.

25-Year Solahart Warranty

25-Year Solahart Product Warranty for peace of mind plus a 30-Year Manufacturer's Performance Guarantee.

High Durability

Our new Solahart SunCell solar panels have had extensive durability testing for up to 3 times the international testing standard.

Efficient and Reliable

How many SunCell solar panels do you need?

We wish we could get paid for every time someone asks us how many panels do they need, in fact this question is our pet hate. You could have 20 solar panels on your roof but we can also give you a solar solution using maybe 4 panels that can deliver a more effective way to generate the energy you need.

The number of panels are not important, the quality of the panel, it’s efficiency & how it is set up with the right inverter and positioning will determine the potential power output of your system. That is the more important aspect to keep in mind – what is the potential output of the system, not how many panels do you need.

A 3 bedroom house with two adults and two children will have different energy requirements to a 5 bedroom house with twelve people living in it. So a discussion about the quantity of panels doesn’t really matter, it is more about how much energy has to be captured or stored for that property.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solahart SunCell Solar Panels

Every Solahart system is backed by a trusted Solahart Australia Warranty that offers the advantage of local on-the-ground support to deliver true peace of mind.*

SunCell solar panels are covered by a 25-Year Solahart Product Warranty for peace of mind, plus, 30-Year Performance Guarantee for long term returns.*

We supply the Solahart SunCell solar panels as fully installed, included in a Solahart solar power system. 

The SunCell solar panels are a cost-effective panel solution which enable a high return on your investment. 

We provide pricing, including installation pricing, as part of our free in-home solar assessment service. To book a free in-home solar assessment, please click here.

Yes, the Solahart SunCell solar panels are suitable for commercial solar power systems, in addition to being suitable for residential solar power systems.

SunCell solar panels are cost-effective and generate high energy per panel. This efficiency is ideal for commercial solar systems. 

We’ll assess your roof size and suitability for solar panels as part of our FREE on-site solar assessment.

We’ll review the size and orientation of the roof. We’ll also assess the roof for potential shading issues and optimum panel locations.

Yes, we often install new solar power systems and a new solar hot water system

This is an excellent way to maximise savings through solar energy. 

In assessing the effectiveness and suitability of solar products, we will consider your energy needs and current usage, along with your roof size and orientation. We will do this as part of our FREE on-site solar assessment.

Yes, these solar panels can be part of a Solahart solar power system that includes a solar battery to maximise your use of solar energy.

Our solar battery storage system range includes solar batteries from leading battery manufacturers such as Tesla, SolarEdge and GoodWe.

Solahart SunCell Solar Panel Reviews

Solar power installation in Adamstown Heights by Solahart Newcastle
Solahart provided us competitive options, and a professional installation for our system. They were incredibly responsive to our questions from our initial enquiry through to post-installation. Would highly recommend!


FROM Adamstown Heights
Consultant: Nathan Chapple
February 2024
Solar power installation in Cardiff by Solahart Newcastle
Good thanks


FROM Cardiff
Consultant: Nicholas Aarts
January 2024
Solar power installation in Cameron Park by Solahart Newcastle
So glad i decided too get solar for amazin savings can now have the holidays with the money saved I choose Solarhart as they have been a reliable company that you can depend on as they have been providing solar for many years they have great team of workers who know there work happy customer ****


FROM Cameron Park
Consultant: Nicholas Aarts
September 2023
Solar power installation in Thornton by Solahart Newcastle
We would recommend Solahart to anyone wanting panels on their house as we were very pleased with the work that they done on our house. The workers that done our job were very friendly and knew what they were doing and also when getting the quote for the job they explained everything in detail to us.from Denis and Pauline.

Denis & Pauline

FROM Thornton
Consultant: Liam Higgins
April 2023
Solar power installation in Beresfield by Solahart Newcastle
Quick. Very courteous and all knew thier job. The tradies was especially helpful with setting up my phone.


FROM Beresfield
Consultant: Nicholas Aarts
March 2023
Solar power installation in Bar Beach by Solahart Newcastle
Great job Solahart Arrived when they said they would and finished in half a day. Excellent curteous tradesmen and team System is working perfectly and as agreed Bob


FROM Bar Beach
Consultant: Rodney Clare
March 2023
Solar power installation in Clarence Town by Solahart Newcastle
Very efficient service. The installers kept us very well informed and were polite and friendly.


FROM Clarence Town
Consultant: Rodney Clare
March 2023
Solar power installation in Charlestown by Solahart Newcastle
Excellent service. Should have called the team at Solahart in Newcastle years ago. Customer service has been great from everyone. Thank you


FROM Charlestown
Consultant: The Solahart Team
March 2023
Solar power installation in Medowie by Solahart Newcastle
The install team was great. All done in 1 day and saving me money. It wasn’t the cheapest quote but the quality and experience of the team made me feel I’d made the best decision and the warranty and great reputation gives me complete trust. Thanks guys


FROM Medowie
Consultant: Nicholas Aarts
February 2023
Solar power installation in Lemon Tree Passage by Solahart Newcastle
Other than a delay of the installation due to rain there have been no problems with my new PV system. Details of the available options were well explained with the quotation. The installer was hard working and experienced and looked at the options to fit it on my roof to get maximum generation. My supplier took longer than expected to get the smart meter installed. All is working well at present. I’ve had a Solahart solar hot water system for 2 years and it has not had any problems.


FROM Lemon Tree Passage
Consultant: Rodney Clare
February 2023
Solar power installation in Hamilton by Solahart Newcastle
The guys installing the panel were very efficient, polite and very pleasant


FROM Hamilton
Consultant: Bryant Simons
January 2023
Solar power installation in Tanilla Bay by Solahart Newcastle
Great service about 3 weeks from signing online, to be fully installed.


FROM Tanilla Bay
Consultant: Nicholas Aarts
December 2022

Further warranty information:

* 25-year Solahart Product Warranty covers certain defects with the Solahart SunCell® solar panels. Please refer to the ‘Solahart PV Systems Owner’s Guide’ for full details, available on Solahart’s website 30-year Performance Guarantee is provided by the manufacturer of the Solahart SunCell® solar panels and guarantees the maximum reduction in power output performance of the panels over a 30-year period. Neither the Solahart Product Warranty nor the Performance Guarantee are intended to exclude, restrict or modify your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

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