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How it Works – Solar Hot Water for Big Energy Savings

Water heating accounts for around 25%* of the average Australian household’s energy use, so it make great sense to switch to a solar water heater and use the sun’s free energy.

We manufactured our first solar water heater 60 years ago and have continued to develop the technology to be one of the most effective ways for Australian homes to save energy.

Solar water heaters comprise two major components: solar collectors and a storage tank.

All Solahart solar hot water systems use flat plate collectors.  These are metal plates coated with a dark, heat-absorbent surface with pipes or channels called risers.

The coating absorbs the sun’s rays and the heat is transferred directly to the fluid in the risers.

This direct transfer of heat makes it a most efficient solar technology.

The collectors feature a special toughened glass to protect from the extremes of the Australian climate.


In our thermosiphon solar water heater models with roof mounted tanks the heated fluid rises to the top of the collector and into the tank where is displaces cooler fluid which flows in to the bottom of the collector where the process is repeated.

The greater the temperature difference between the fluid in the solar collectors and the water in the tank, the faster the flow between them.

Split System

In our split system solar water heaters, cooler water is pumped in a continuous cycle from the bottom of the tank and circulated through the solar collectors where it absorbs the heat extracted from the sun before being returned to the tank.

Both systems include an electric booster, or alternatively an in-line gas booster can be installed.

This ensures you have hot water regardless of the weather.

Models to Suit Every Family

Solahart have developed a huge range of models to suit nearly every situation, we’ve even installed solar hot water systems in Antarctica and at Everest’s base camp.

By varying the number of collectors and the size of the tank we can supply systems to suit the smallest flat to the largest home.

* Sourced from ‘Your Home Design Guide’ Fact Sheet 6.5 Hot Water Service, an initiative of the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism ( in collaboration with the building and design industry.

solahart thermosiphon hot water system